Beach Bungalow Theme



With garden space at a premium, placement of the landscape elements and plants is critical to the functionality of the bungalow’s outdoor environment. Depending on the architecture of the home, a formal or informal theme should be established. Most bungalows feature a quaint, traditional family feel to the garden. This is accomplished with meandering pathways of brick, flagstone, limestone pavers, cobblestone, decorative gravel, trellises, and select water features, accompanied by flourishing fragrant flowering shrubs, vines, and small patio trees. Intimate seating and dining areas, a fire pit or fireplace, perhaps a water/fire fountain, is a must for the Beach Bungalow garden. As space allows, an organic spa or plunge pool adds the final touches to the cozy environment. Custom light fixtures makes evening activities and dining a pleasure. Plants should include soft foliage that moves with the ocean breezes.

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Beach Bungalow Elements: In addition to the hardscape elements mentioned above, essential bungalow outdoor décor includes garden furniture such as a decorative table, chairs, benches and built-in seating areas with colorful cushions and accessories. Ornaments that catch the ocean breezes are attractive, as are small wall fountains, bird baths, and sun dials/sculptures/statures that remain in scale with the yard.

 Beach Bungalow Plants: Pathways and walks are to be lined with small groupings of dwarf plants and non-creeping groundcovers. The Sea Pinks and Dwarf Mondo Grass foreground plants give way to Floral Carpet Roses, Gardenias, and flowering dwarf foundation shrubs. Vines and espaliers are an excellent choice to soften structures and walls.

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As you can see by the short description, it’s not the amount of elements and plants that make the Beach Bungalow a success, but the placement of those forms that creates an inviting, tranquil garden.

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