Craftsman Classic Garden

Inspired by The Craftsman Magazine and the Arts & Crafts movement in America, this architecture served the widespread demand by the middle class for affordable, attractive suburban homes. Joining Western and Japanese themes, architects like Green & Green produced wooden homes with low-pitched roofs unique to California. Craftsman homes have a low mass, therefore, the goal of the garden is to connect the home to the outdoors. The stylish porches with front-gabled roofs often wrapped around the structure, allowing an elevated terrace for viewing the garden. Dry-stacked cobblestone, capped with cast concrete or brick, supporting tapered wood columns, is the most recognizable feature of these homes.  Craftsman Classic Garden Elements: An emphasis on natural elements, such as rock and water, the Craftsman bungalow look has promoted a Japanese garden influence (see Oriental Garden). The patio and walkways may be either formally shaped or free form, depending on the theme of the garden. Brick, stone, cobblestone, native stacked rock, textured concrete, scored concrete, and tiled pavers work well in this garden. A natural shaped pool and/or koi pond with waterfall becomes an inspirational focal point. Garden ornaments accent wood trellises and arbors covered with colorful vines. Patio furniture should reflect the […]