Butterfly & Hummingbird Garden

The garden that attracts hummingbirds and butterflies is both attractive and a benefit to the environment. Often, this garden is designed as a “mini-garden” within one of the other styles. Although a “plant-driven” landscaped area, there are also elements such as water, rocks for sunning, and sheltered areas that enhance the bird and butterfly experience. There are many plants that provide a food source and are useful for attracting these flying friends. Make sure the areas are open, yet protected from the wind, especially near the coast. Water is an important element to the garden. Designs include everything from a simple bird bath to a rustic wall fountain to a natural stream and waterfall system. California Native Garden Many Californians love their native gardens. Typically an informal look, this garden is not for everyone. There are times of the year when some plants go drought deciduous and other times when heading back of plants is necessary. In other words, the Native Garden looks extremely natural and informal based on local climate and weather. The native garden will attract many birds and butterflies. Since plant water consumption is the lowest of all the gardens, the use of water with bird baths, […]