Rock Pool with Infinity Edge 3-D animation video

As an veteran landscape architect, horticulturist, and pool designer, I have witnessed many changes in landscape design and construction industry the past thirty years. Prior to computer software, the only visual aid I had to offer you, my client, was a 2-D watercolor rendering or pencil sketch of my landscape design. Effective, but certainly not three-dimensional. Plus, the rendering never allowed you to “walk through” your newly designed yard! Over the past decade, computer software has allowed me to offer my clients actual walk-throughs of their landscape project based on my design recommendations. Here you see images selected from my 3-D video showing all the landscape design elements, including plants and lighting, incorporated into my infinity edge Rock Pool project that features a grotto/waterfall, raised spa, Baja shelf, and stream with rock bridge. My clients are now able to compare the 2-D master plans I drew for them with a high-quality 3-D video depicting the EXACT landscape design layout. You and your family now have a choice of not only viewing my working drawings, but viewing my actual VISUAL video presentations. You now see exactly what the yard of your dreams looks like! Click on the image below to view […]