Oriental & Zen Gardens

The quintessential Oriental Garden is about nature, peace and tranquility, providing a spiritual haven offering a balance in one’s life. In this garden, one admires the informal, natural curves dominating the landscape, with a stone walkway leading to a bridge spanning a stream or koi pond. Dry creek beds meander through evergreen shrubs and trees that produce a tranquil green background. Sand, stone, and partially buried boulders accent the curving pathways. Flowers are kept to a minimum and are seasonal. Asian ornaments adorn the harmonious garden. The Oriental Garden is an excellent choice for a small-space garden. Oriental Garden Elements: Three main elements of the Oriental Garden feature water, rocks, and ornaments. Sand can also be incorporated, especially in a Zen Garden. Natural stone and exposed aggregate concrete make excellent surfaces for patios and walkways. The outdoor kitchen may include a teppanyaki grill, or a flat-iron grill. The patio features authentic Asian-style furniture and accessories while bamboo water spouts, stone lanterns, statues, sculptures and basins, Torii gates, rain chains, arbors, and bamboo fence panels add to the ambiance of the tranquil environment. Oriental Garden Plants: Selecting plants that are in scale with your yard, some great additions to an Asian […]